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Tim Tebow just the latest QB to revive Big Foot buzz

The Patterson-Gimlin footage of Tebow?s release was remarkable.

Tim Tebow ig foot

Our friends at Hugging Harold Reynolds might be onto something here. The alarming photo immediately brought back eery memories of a similar moment in 2008 that we still haven't been able to shake. Sadly, the only thing we were able to confirm at the time was that Kerry Collins is indeed half wolf.


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  1. Paolo X

    April 30, 2013 at 8:24 am

    Ah all those Bigfoot reports and a dumb show on TV about it with four wandering douchebag losers …

    Some day someone will just kill one and then maybe they can put an end to the drama of and such dumb shows.

    Sorry — Tim Tebow is not Jesus and he’s not Bigfoot either. Thanks for playing and please try again.

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