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Happy Mother’s Day because dads are the worst


So we've gotten to the point that some enabling dad tapes a conversation with a Little League coach (assuming secretly because he doesn't have the balls to point the camera in his face) complaining about a five outfielder rotation. Forget the fact that there is a kid on the team that throws 82 mph cheese, this guy is worrying about 'paying for his kid to play ball'. We need to brace ourselves, as we are months away from being told that 'riding the pine' is not politically correct. Next up, Big League Chew will be replaced by chewable Fluvoxamine, and parents will have weekly brainstorms with the coaches to come up with fun ways to award kids for striking out. Lastly, how can you a question any coach, one that doesn't look a day older than 24, who wears a shirt like this?

Awesome BBall Coach