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The Sports Hernia: Through the Years

Ya know, we kind of used to be a big deal.

The precious date of April 28, 2008, served as the day we infamously — and improbably — digitally shook hands with ESPN. And they really did treat us well, especially considering we spent the better part of the site’s first two years relentlessly bashing the network.

For the record, this was well before Jaime Hamel and Alex Grady left the site to serve as a key witnesses in the infamous Fun Dup trial, and long before Tim Ryan opened “Sikma’s Perm Salon,” a hot styling spot in West Hollywood that has become the go-to place for snooty pricks and ragingly superficial assholes.

Strangely enough, the day after ESPN originally aired this footage, Hernia staffers Matt Noonan and Big Bad Weiss got engaged at an unknown Las Vegas casino. Their current whereabouts also remain unknown.