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Tom Brady Accidentally Wolfs Up During Court Room Sketch

Has the Manhattan court system recently begun slashing the budget for the artists they hire to “sketch” the key humans who are present in the court room? Because that’s the only reasonable explanation we can come up with, unless the “artist” of note for this debacle is one of Brady’s many scorned lovers. You can probably flip a coin on this one, because the first line of thinking is just as likely as the second.

Nonetheless — as you can plainly see above — there is but one man in this cold world who fits into this rare “cat-wolf man-devil” being depicted, and that’s the guy who plays Daryl in Walking Dead.

But Tom Brady wasn’t the only one present during today’s hearing:

Jesus christ, Rog’. You’re in charge of a trillion dollar, impenetrable money machine. By no means should you being strolling into court looking like deeply disturbing topic matter for the latest installment of “Dark Crystal: Where Are They Now?”

The only sliver of hope for the beloved NFL Commish is if Bird Selig can somehow power up his wavering wings enough to swoop in and save his former colleague from any further public appearances.


And no, we have not forgotten about the guy who tragically sharted right next to Brady. Always, always eat before consuming a giant coffee.


Nor have we forgotten about this emotionally flaccid gentleman, who reportedly had just found out his wife left him.


Both individuals remain in our prayers.


It would be wise of you to head on over to Twitter for all of the glorious #BradySketch memes. Oh, and stare at this gem while you’re at it: