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Cris Collinsworth Has Actually ‘Seen Everything’

After an unforgettable NFL playoff game between the Green Bay Packers and Arizona Cardinals, NBC broadcaster Cris Collinsworth revealed to the television audience, “I’ve seen everything.”

When approached after the game, Collinsworth expounded on his comment and it turns out that he has, in fact, seen everything.

“Hitler, glaciers, Sabre-tooth tigers, Crystal Pepsi… I’ve seen everything,” he said.

The startling revelation was made after receiver Larry Fitzgerald caught a shovel pass and scrambled into the end zone, sealing the victory for the Cardinals in stunning fashion in overtime.

“Pangaea, breakdancing, dodo birds, Bob Denver’s death… Boy I tell ya: I’ve seen everything,” Collinsworth explained in his signature deep droll. “Bubonic plague, Shawn Bradley naked, Ankylosaurus, Boba Fett, Jango Fett, phosphorescent fish, Xenu, invention of the number zero, Elian Gonzalez…”

After shooting an email to the SNF analyst for an even more extensive list of things he’s seen, Collinsworth strangely replied with this maniacal photo of himself stretching his cheeks to the breaking point: